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From test leads to oscilloscopes/MemoryHicorder, find a vast array of test and measurement products at Nastroj India. The inspection range includes Cable Rout Tester, Relay Testing and Power/Utility while the lab equipment range Automotive, Solar Solution includes anemometers, data loggers and gas leakage testers.

The Nastroj Components tools and tool storage collection can cater for any commercial, industrial or domestic application. Whether you need drills, welders, nails, screws, tool boxes, spanners, hammers or anything in between. Nastroj also has an impressive low cost brand range to help save you money on everyday essentials.

We are the leading distributer and supplier of products for fastening, fixing, installing, connecting, insulating, protecting and identifying electrical cables and data network infrastructure. We also develop parts for customer-specific industrial applications.

Nastroj has everything you could need for computing. From printer paper and memory sticks to camcorders and telephone headsets, Nastroj stocks them all. You will also find GPS systems, digital cameras, broadband routers, DVDs and bluetooth devices plus everything in between.

Featured Products


  • Measure SiC and GaN inverters and reactor/transformer loss (U7005)
  • Measure high-efficiency IGBT and solar inverters (U7001)


  • Fully automated production line testing of large packs for xEVs
  • Large packs of up to 300 V

MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8450-01 (Wireless LAN model)

  • Portable data logger expandable to 330 ch
  • Compatible with plug-in or wireless modules


  • IEC61000-4-30 Ed.3 Class A Power Quality Analyzer
  • Advanced monitoring and recording

Battery Tester

CT4665D Portable Battery Tester 0.00001V~1000.00V

CT4665B Portable Battery Tester Testing 0.00001V~300.000V

CT4665A Portable Battery Tester 0.0001V~100.000V

CT4665 Portable Battery Tester 0.0001V~60.000V

CT4674A- 24 Benchtop Battery Tester

CT4674A-12 Multi-channel Battery Tester

CT4674-12 Multi-channel Battery Tester

CT4674-24 Multi-channel Precision BatteryTester

CT4675 High Voltage Battery Tester 0-1000V

CT4674B High Voltage Battery Tester 0-600V

CT4674A High Voltage Battery Tester 0-300V

CT4672 Economic Battery Internal Resistance Tester

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