General Mechanical Product & Tools

  • Accessories

    Y-Shaped Strainer

    Removes foreign matter in water piping and protects the equipment.

    • Easy to replace the mesh.

    Floating Fitting

    This floating fitting eliminates misalignment and parallelism defects during cylinder mounting, and realizes smooth rod actuation.

    • Easy centering, parallelism alignment.
    • Compact and high tensile / compression force permissible.
    • With dust cover.
    • Filled with lubricant and not requiring lubrication.
    • Oscillating angle ±5°.

  • Air dryers

    Refrigeration Air Dryer (Xeroaqua Dryer)

    Air dryer with outstanding environmental properties, reliability and safety. Adopts the new refrigerant R-134a / R-407C / easy maintenance is possible.

    • The compact design reduces power consumption.
    • A low air loss drain discharger has been adopted.
    • Oil-free stainless steel heat exchanger is used for all models.
    • Prevents dust generation from heat exchange.
    • The refrigerant pipes (copper pipes) within the heat exchanger are nickel plated for improved corrosion resistance.
    • The safe design allows the operation state to be confirmed at a glance.
    • Easily service the unit even while it is running.
    • Top surface exhaust and drain trap installation can be selected for left or right, and can be installed flush against walls.

  • Air operated 3, 4, 5-port valves

    Pneumatic Valve Master Valve

    A switching operation (power supply not required) type with 4F Series air source that supports a wide variety of fields.

    • Use of special soft packing.
    • The soft spool method with proven performance has been employed.
    • As initial operation is smooth upon use after being out of use for long periods, this series also supports low frequency use.
    • The soft spool method with proven performance has been employed and is resistant to dust.

  • Air operated valves

    Air Operated Valve For Chemical Liquids

    New standard of air operated valve for chemical liquids.

    • It is a high end product that supports a wide range of pressure, temperature and fluid conditions.
    • It can unify all the models that have been subdivided in use.

  • Air operated valves (cylinder valves)

    Compact Air Operated 2-Port Valve

    It is a compact air operated valve that supports port sizes of Rc1/4 and 3/8. It supports a wide variety of fluids by selecting the corresponding body and sealing material, and can be reduced in weight by selecting the cylinder cover resin type.

    • The body material (copper alloy/stainless steel) and sealing material (nitrile rubber/fluoro rubber) can be selected accordingly to support various fluids.
    • It is compact, lightweight and can be further reduced in weight by selecting PPS resin as the cylinder cover material.
    • In connection for the external pilot air, integrated fitting for fiber tube (φ1.8 mm air tube) can be selected.

  • Automatic watering control systems

    Resin Solenoid Valve For Automatic Watering

    Resin solenoid valve which can be used for watering for urban greenery as well as liquid fertilizer and nutrient solutions for agriculture. Union connection that allows easy piping without tools.

    • Seal tape/union connection with no need for screw-fastening reduces work-hours and malfunction risks.
    • Improved reliability by adopting a waterproof molded coil.
    • Stable operation with self-cleaning filter to prevent clogging of pilot flow path.
    • The resin body also enables control of liquid fertilizer and nutrient solution for which metal admixture is inadvisable.

  • Ball valves

    Air Operated 2, 3-Port Ball Valve (Compact Rotary Valve)

    Air operated ball valve. Resistant to foreign matter with strong air operated opening and closing, it can control large flow rates with low pressure loss. With solenoid valve also available.

    • Large flow rate control is possible with low pressure loss ball valve.
    • Stable operation resistant to foreign matter is realized by strong air operated opening and closing.
    • Bi-directional pressurization is possible with 2-port valve.
    • Supports a wide range of port sizes from 3/8 to 2.
    • Stainless body, Full bore added to line up ,Port size Rc1/2 to Rc1 1/2.
    • Available for various applications with a lineup including models with spring return and with solenoid valve.
    • FP2 series : Compliant with Food Sanitation Law.
    • Compatible with P4 series and rechargeable battery manufacturing processes. Restricts the material used in the flow path and sliding parts.

  • Booster

    Air Booster

    Enables air boosting by using only air pressure in combination with air tanks to raise the primary pressure two-fold (0.99 MPa max.) without the use of electricity.

    • No-electricity-needed air booster.
    • Capable of boosting the primary pressure range up to two-fold (max. 0.99 MPa).
    • Compact design and flexible installation.
    • Increased thrust in welding cylinder.
    • Reducing the footprint of the air cylinder.
    • Improving output capacity of driving components (air cylinder, air motor, etc.).
    • Quick filling of high-pressure air to air tanks.
    • Boosting in explosion-proof atmospheres.
    • Countering pressure changes in factory lines (fall in air pressure of lines, etc.).

  • Check valves, shuttle valves, quick exhaust valves

    Quick Exhaust Valve With Push-In Fitting

    Lineup includes compact/space-saving In-line and Plug types. The in-line type has built-in φ4 and φ6 push-in fittings, with atmospheric release and exhaust port fittings available.

    • Countering condensation caused by adiabatic expansion of small actuators can be easily implemented. The result is the realization of a long service life and stable operation of the actuator.
    • The plug shape allows for easy mounting near the actuator. It has a space-saving and clean design.
    • Effective for high-speed driving of actuators.
    • Built-in φ4 and φ6 push-in fittings. Available in atmospheric release type and with exhaust port fittings.

  • Chucks

    Powerful Chuck With Rubber Cover

    A rubber cover has been added to the basic model of the 3-way jaw chuck. While maintaining the features of its thin, light weight, compact, and high gripping force, it prevents the ingress of chips and water droplets, and improves the environment resistance.

    • Equipped with a rubber cover to improve dust and drip resistances.
    • Adopting a direct drive system realizes high gripping power and high precision.
    • Guide is longer, improving rigidity.
    • 2 proximity switches can be installed.
    • 2-direction sensor mounting grooves.

  • Clamp cylinders

    Rotary Clamp Cylinder (Single Guide Type)

    This is a single guide type rotary clamp cylinder that can save space by combining rotational and linear motions. 

    • The clamp lever is rotated 90° during unclamping, so that a compact device design is possible without interfering with the work set or ejection of the work.
    • A single guide structure with one guide groove is adopted in the piston rod.
    • The overall length was drastically shortened compared with the conventional double guide (RCC2) structure.
    • Along with the packing kit, the structure can replace the most heavily loaded guide pins. Customers can easily perform repairs or preventive maintenance via regular maintenance.
    • The bore sizes are abundant from Φ12 to Φ63, the fluorine packing specifications (RCS2-T2) with improved environmental resistance, the sputter adhesion prevention type (RCS2-G4) optimal for use in welding environments, etc., are all rich in variety for use in wide applications.
    • Since the rod tip is a standard machined square tang, orienting the clamp lever is easy. In addition, the clamp lever is optional and can be purchased to help reduce the customer's man-hours.
    • Standard with rod-side spigots and optional with head-side spigots. To provide a friendly design for improving productivity by shortening the centering time during cylinder replacement.

  • Combined function 5-port solenoid valves

    4g Unit Valve

    Direction switching valve / speed controller/silencer integrated type.

    • Numerical control of operation speed with 10-level scale.
    • Reduced adjustment hours.
    • No need for silencer / speed controller / fitting selection / purchase / assembly work.
    • Reduce the selection of accessories and assembling hours.
    • Reduces grounding area by 66% by integration.

  • Components for coolant

    Air Operated 2-Port Valve (Coolant Valve)

    Air operated valve that is resistant to foreign matter and specialized for coolant control in machine tools. A wide range of port sizes and pressure specifications (up to 7.0 MPa) are available, and optimization of coolant control is realized with various variations such as with solenoid valve and manifold.

    • Lineup of module connection manifolds saves space and work-hours for coolant piping.(OUT PORT 15A~40A).
    • Adopting a cast iron body and metal seal structure (excluding 10A) reduces the wear and damage of sealing portion and the structure resistant to foreign matter.
    • Supports a wide range of pressure from low pressure specification (0.5 MPa) to high pressure specification (7.0 MPa).
    • Supports various port sizes from Rc3/8 to 80 flange.

  • Components for Life science

    Proportional Solenoid Valve

    By controlling the gas flow rate steplessly in proportion to the operation current value, "multi-step flow rate control" and "appropriate amount control" are made possible. It is useful for proportional control of air and oxygen in ventilator.

    • Ideal for equipment installation with compact design..
    • Conventionally, multi-stage flow rate control had been configured with multiple systems, but can now be realized with one system.

  • Compressed air

    Portable Air Supply Unit (Japan Only Release)

    This compact compressor can easily supply clean air to places where compressed air cannot be obtained using only a 100VAC power supply. All necessary equipment is included in the carrying case - portability at its best. It excels in design and plays an active role in every scene, including offices, research laboratories, exhibitions and various events.

    • Shaped like a compact suitcase, it is easy for all to handle.
    • All that is needed is a 100VAC power supply, making it ideal for any location from office to an event venue.
    • This portable air supply unit is the 90 W type. If a higher flow rate is required, a 300 W made-to-order model is also available.
    • This product received the "Encouragement Award" in the "Ultra" Monodzukuri Parts Award sponsored by the Japan Manufacturing Association and the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper.

  • Cylinder switches

    Cylinder Switch

    Cylinder switch compatible with a flat piston such as a rodless cylinder.

    • Cylinders with brake/lock

      Position Locking Unit

      Fixing mechanism which locks and unlocks linearly, using air. Simple air control means remote operation is possible, enabling ”fixing,” ”improved safety,” and ”position locking.”

      • Compared to our brake unit JSB3 series, it realizes weight reduction and slimness.
      • As it is lightweight and slim, it is a lock unit that expands the range of use.
      • As it is lightweight and slim, it is a lock unit that expands the range of use.
      • Prevents parts from falling if the power goes out or the air runs out.

    • Cylinders with length measuring function

      Cylinder With Length Measuring Sensor

      A length measuring sensor is installed onto the small cylinder. This enables work on workpieces (actuator function) and detection / inspection (defective parts check / simple length measurement) at the same time.

      • Special magnetic sensor that can obtain a nearly linear output for the travel distance of the piston with magnet.
      • Intermediate detection and length measurement never achieved by normal cylinder switches are possible.
      • Display added to analog output.
      • Inspection results are processed directly and digitally displayed, thus eliminating the hassles of post-processing.

    • Cylinders with linear guide

      Linear Slide Cylinder

      A basic model linear slide cylinder model featuring the specs most used by customers provided as standard.

      • First in the industry! Adopting an innovative L-shaped table to enable installation on three sides.
      • Flexibility in design is greatly improved.
      • Neat wiring and piping. Improved workability and visibility.
      • Compared to the LCR Series, width direction is reduced by 27% and area ratio by 20%.
      • Stopper position has been revised to realize downsizing and space saving.
      • First in the industry! In addition to the head side, the rod side also supports position locking.
      • Rod side is custom order product.
      • The stopper can be selected from three types: rubber cushion stopper, metal stopper with rubber cushion, shock absorber stopper.

    • Cylinders with valve

      Compact Cylinder With Valve

      Medium bore size (φ20 to φ40) standard cylinders with integrated high performance and power-efficient four-way valve enabled by compactly integrating the valve into CMK2 Series.

      • Common exhaust keeps the ambient environment clean.
      • Piping, wiring, speed adjustment and operation are all accessible on the top surface.
      • Installation, operation and maintenance are easy.
      • Speed adjustment is easy with the speed adjustment needle.
      • Mechanism for locking after adjusting included.
      • Stainless steel tube used.
      • Highly corrosion resistant and long-lasting.
      • Rotating the adapter, it is possible to change the actuation of push and pull when energized.

    • Direct acting 3-port solenoid valves

      Direct Acting 3-Port Valve

      Handles compact 3-port valve applications across the board. (Air operated valve/cylinder drive, suction transport, air blow, etc.)

      • In addition to high durability, stable responsiveness is realized by prevention of malfunction and snagging due to foreign matter.
      • Upward/lateral common wiring connector and manual override realize ease of use and high maintainability.
      • Valve width 10 mm. Weight 12.5 g.
      • Low vacuum and positive pressure can be freely combined.
      • Universal structure.
      • Selectable flow rate.
      • Large flow rate 0.4 d㎥/(s/bar).
      • Standard: 0.3 d㎥/(s/bar).
      • High response: 4 ±1 ms / 1.5 ±1 ms (ON/OFF).

    • Drain dischargers

      Drain Separator

      Lightweight compact drain separator. The cyclone effect causes water droplets in the compressed air to strike the inner wall of the bowl; this gathers and enlarges them, removing 99% or more of the moisture. Ideal for easy drainage from air piping.

      • Water separation efficiency: 99%.
      • Compatible compressor: 0.75 kW to 37 kW.
      • Modular connection of FX1004 and FX1011 to F.R.L. 3000 and 4000 Series and FX1037 to 6000 and 8000 Series is possible.

    • Drip prevention valves

      Drip Prevention Valve

      It has a compact structure that ensures draining and controls the drip prevention with high precision. It can be used to prevent problems such as poor chemical liquid discharge to wafers.

      • It supports optimized custom design according to the fluid viscosity.

    • Dust collection devices

      Large Port Size Dust Collector Valve

      Large port size dust collector valve ideal for removing dust from bag filter type dust collectors.

      • Urethane diaphragm realizes high durability by adopting a spring-less wear resistant structure.
      • Integrated urethane diaphragm is easy to replace.

    • Ejector system

      Ejector With Vacuum Burst Function Single Unit

      High speed suction and burst cycle integrating the ejector and vacuum burst function.

      • Compact and lightweight, it can be used at the end of vacuum piping.
      • Integrated vacuum burst with a shut-off valve in a compact body.
      • Added function to supply burst air into the ejector.
      • It is capable of reliable vacuum burst compared to the conventional single ejector.
      • Switch between vacuum generation and burst air by turning the ejector air supply ON/OFF.

    • Electro pneumatic regulators

      Digital Electro Pneumatic Regulator

      Compact, high-function electro pneumatic regulator featuring easily used functions such as pressure and error display function and direct memory function.

      • IO-Link communication enables remote operation from the host, in addition to data collection.
      • Operation status can be monitored.
      • Digital display mounted to make control status visible at a glance.
      • Module connection to filter / regulator is possible.
      • Linearity: ±0.3%F.S.,Hysteresis: 0.5% F.S.,Response time: 0.2 sec.
      • Up to 8 channels of pressure can be stored in the body and switched by external signals.
      • External input signal is not required.
      • Product operation keys can be used to arbitrarily adjust the secondary pressure value.

    • Explosion-proof 2, 3-port solenoid valves

      Solenoid Valve (Explosion-Proof General Purpose Valve)

      Explosion-proof solenoid valve compatible with various fluids. Certified as ExdIIBT4 by international standard (IEC) guidelines and can be used in explosion-proof areas.

      • Compliant with the international explosion-proof guidelines of Technology Institution of Industrial Safety (TIIS).
      • Korea explosion-proof certification (KOSHA) acquired.
      • Degree of protection IP65 or equivalent, usable outdoors.

    • Explosion-proof 3,5-port solenoid valves

      Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof Pilot 3,5-Port Valve (Certified Country : China)

      This is an intrinsically safe explosion-proof solenoid valve that can be used in Class 1 Dangerous Area (Type 1 location) and Class 2 Dangerous Area (Type 2 location). 

      • Explosion-proof performance: Ex ib ⅡC T4 Gb, Certification No.: GYJ19.1311(NEPSI), IECEx IBE 19.0008(IECEx).
      • Can be used in hydrogen, acetylene and city gas atmospheres.
      • Realizes a minimum class explosion-proof valve with width of 10mm. In addition to the single unit, it is suitable for use in narrow explosion-proof areas as a manifold.
      • 4 sizes with valve widths of 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm. Compatible with a wide range of flow rates.
      • Achieves more than 50 million cycles for durability by optimizing the sealing function and special surface treatment of the sliding packing. Prevents frequent stops and contributes to stable operation of equipment.
      • IP67 is realized by adopting the M8 connector. Straight or L-shaped cables can be selected.

    • F.R.L. Combinations


      Compact modular design in which major boundary dimensions of devices such as filters, regulators, lubricators, etc., are unified.

      • Systems are easily upgraded using unified key boundary dimensions and a diverse range of options and variations.
      • Main dimensions (width and depth) of F.R.L. products have been standardized as compact module.
      • Accurate assembly dimensions can be obtained with simple calculations.
      • This element incorporates CKD's original chemical fiber structure (patent pending), which has a rough surface and gradually becomes finer toward the interior.
      • Clogging is greatly reduced, and the element life is greatly extended.

    • Filters

      Medium Main Line Filter

      This is a mainline filter that pursues energy savings, low pressure loss, and long life. The adoption of a 360-degree high visibility indicator helps to grasp the maintenance period and reduce the number of element replacement steps.

      • Minimal pressure loss is realized by adopting a pleated structure element with a large filtration area.
      • Minimal pressure loss through reduced clogging is achieved by using borosilicate media (with hydro- and oleophobic properties).
      • A 360° high-visibility indicator, enabling differential pressure checking from all directions, is equipped as standard. (P/M types).
      • The push-fit element makes mounting easy.

    • Filters / Regulators

      Filter / Regulator

      New Series using integrated filter and regulator, 5μm elements for dust removal, and 0.3μm elements for tar removal.

      • This long-life element filters out harmful dirt and foreign matter, etc., from air.
      • This dedicated element effectively separates tar and carbon. (Non-regenerable).
      • This element incorporates CKD’s original chemical fiber structure (patent pending), which has a rough surface and gradually becomes finer toward the interior.
      • Clogging is greatly reduced, and the element life is greatly extended, free of concerns regarding rust.

    • Fittings / tubes


      Push-in fitting for pneumatic piping. Compact size for space saving. Work environment and device-friendly flame-resistant white body.

      • V-shaped packing seal to realize smooth insertion and accurate sealing.
      • Smooth insertion and secure sealing.
      • Freely rotating elbow union to make piping and removal work easier.
      • White body blends into working environment. Electroless nickeling used for copper alloy sections.
      • The tube can be connected to the pipe fitting by pushing the tube in.
      • The chuck bracket acts in the direction in which the tube is dislocated.
      • The push ring evenly pushes and opens the chuck, so the tube is completely released from the chuck and can be removed smoothly.
      • Teflon resin is coated on the thread part.
      • Sealing tape wrapping is not needed, reducing work hours.
      • An even seal is created and there is no need to worry about leakage, etc.

    • Fixed

      Power Arm

      The PAW Series is a global model that has a high safety design and conforms to European safety standard CE marking (shaft body). The allowable moment has been improved by 40% (at Ø100) compared with conventional and has a highly rigid specification.

      • Useful when transporting heavy objects! Smoothly transportable with reduced weight.
      • The center of gravity is close to the operator, for high operability.
      • Realized a wide movable range according to usage. Heavy workpieces can be conveyed higher and further. One to three axes can be combined according to the application and location.
      • In addition, three types of arms can be selected with respect to the work load.
      • In addition to the position locking mechanism by the block valve (standard equipment) to prevent workpieces from falling, the rotation lock can be attached (option) so that position can be maintained when power (air, electricity) is down.
      • Proposals can be made for holding workpieces securely with attachments and changing the installation method by using a movable carriage that allows the installation location to be modified.
      • Equipped with a vertical axis, making palletizing / depalletizing processes easy, conventional PAW space saving, compactness and light touch are maintained.

    • Floating plates

      Glass Float Module

      Float plate that enables non-contact floating transport. Select from 5 types of rails and pads according to various applications

      • By adopting a new porous material, stable floating is achieved.
      • Smooth transport is possible without touching the workpiece.
      • Antistatic protection for workpieces is also possible.
      • The use of a black body prevents diffused reflection and improves the visibility of the workpiece.
      • Ideal for high-sensitivity inspection.
      • Suppression of particles in floating air is realized.
      • Float pad and rail type can be freely selected according to the application, such as precision floating, rough transport, or process loader.

    • Flow rate adjusting valves

      Electric Flow Rate Adjusting Valve

      Electric flow rate adjusting valve (needle valve).The set flow rate can be remotely adjusted.

      • Flow sensors / controllers

        Karman Vortex Flow Rate Sensor For Water Fluerex

        Karman vortex flow rate sensor for water that covers 0.4 to 250 L/min. Switch setting for various outputs can be made and IO-Link communication is supported. It is equipped with a water temperature measurement function as standard and supports fluid temperature up to 95°C, making it ideal for various monitoring of cooling water.

        • Explosion-proof performance:Ⅱ 3G Ex ec ⅡC T4 Gc.
        • It can be switched among flow rate, temperature switch output, analog output and IO-Link communication (option).
        • It also supports switching between PNP and NPN.
        • All models feature a water temperature measurement function as standard.
        • It can handle cold water to hot water of up to 95°C without the provision of a temperature sensor, improving the management level.
        • The detection range of the flow rate lower limit is expanded to support a wide flow range.
        • The flow rate can be adjusted using the manual cock (option).
        • IO-Link communication (option) enables remote control from the host as well as data collection.

      • Fulcrum hands

        Thin Wide Angle Hand

        Thin hand that allows wide angle 180° opening / closing. It is thin, space-saving and flexible and makes line configurations possible.

        • With the wide angle, vertical movement during pick & place is unnecessary and positioning is easy.
        • Strong gripping power with toggle mechanism.
        • 2 proximity switches can be installed.

      • Gas combustion systems

        Medium Pressure Gas Combination Valve

        The medium pressure (0.3MPa) governor is integrated with the secondary side shut-off valve to significantly reduce pressure loss. Compared with the conventional product (TAC-25), the flow rate at the same differential pressure is increased by 300%! Stable pressure control is realized even at high flow rates.

        • Flow rate: about 3 fold. Face to face: 20% reduction. Ratio compared to our conventional product (TAC-25).
        • Port size: 40A (flange).
        • Select secondary orifice Ø15, Ø25, Ø40.
        • Contributes to the stabilization of secondary flow rate.
        • Hydraulic drive, slow open / quick shut.
        • Stable pressure adjustment is possible even at high flow rates.
        • Possible to check valve opening.

      • General purpose

        Absodex (Japan Only Release)

        An actuator that uses an absolute type position detector.A highly rigid bearing is used to withstand axial loads and moment loads.Ideal for flexible rotational positioning for assembly and transport.

        • NX4 : It is available in 5 models with maximum torque of 22 to 300 N·m.
        • Series with large hollow holes.
        • In addition to a strong iron-based frame,.
        • Uses high-rigidity bearings.
        • Strong structure against axial load and moment load.
        • Supports 5 types of interface: Parallel I/O (NPN),SSCNETⅢ/H, CC-Link,.
        • EtherCAT and MECHATROLINKⅢ.
        • "NX-Tools", which can be operated visually, supports device startup.
        • Optimal tuning is possible while viewing real-time waveforms.

      • Guided cylinders

        Guided Cylinder

        This is a super compact guided cylinder that provides high freedom in mounting and abundant varia tions, with attention to ease of use and of selection.

        • Ball bearing (STM-B) rod non-rotating accuracy ±0.08 mm.Highly rigid and lateral load resisting structure.
        • Super compact space saving type in guided cylinders.
        • Piping is simplified, improving the visibility of the cylinder switch.
        • Multiple units can be installed even in small spaces.
        • Suitable for a wide range of applications such as positioning, clamp, press fit, lifter, pusher.

      • Hand with length measuring sensor

        Linear Slide Hand With Length Measuring Function

        The LSHM-HP2 is a linear slide parallel hand that incorporates an LVDT sensor for measuring length.

        • Repeatability ±0.02 mm.
        • Analog ouput linearity.
        • With correction adapter: FS±0.5%.
        • Without correction adapter: FS±3%.
        • Adopts an LVDT sensor highly resistant to vibration and impact.
        • The IP65 equivalent amplifier and rubber cover prevent the ingress of cutting chips and water drops.
        • Monitors abnormal wear and deformation of gripping jaws and jigs through changes in output to prevent equipment and robot damage.

      • Hanging type

        Balancer Unit

        The balancer unit allows heavy loads of around 300 kg to be controlled with minimal force. Even if the weight of each workpiece being transported differs, this is automatically recognized and the optimal balance is maintained.

        • Allows heavy loads up to 285 kg to be controlled with minimal force.
        • Ensures operator safety in workplaces handling heavy loads.
        • Heavy objects are transported with an almost manual smoothness,.
        • compared to the conventionally stiff inching movement.
        • Can be adjusted to the optimal condition by switching with one button without complicated adjustment.
        • Just adjust once to suit the jig or workpiece.
        • Standby is available just by switching during use.
        • Just in case the pneumatic power should go out, a brake is equipped to prevent workpieces from falling or bouncing up after recovery.
        • Compatible with all-air method not requiring electricity.
        • Also usable in atmospheres requiring explosion-proofing.

      • High precision

        Τdisc Standard Type

        Standard type suitable for various applications.

        • Compact design.
        • Ideal for converting the AC servo motor + reducer mechanism into a direct drive system.
        • Index drive, tightening drive, Rotary drive, Feeding and winding drive, and Table drive etc.
        • VPH Series : Developed exclusively for direct drives. Maximizes the motor performance.
        • Supports five types of interface: I/O, SSCNETⅢ/H, CC-Link, EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ.
        • The enhanced adjustment, monitoring, operation, analysis,and editing functions assist in mechanical system matching and enable efficient start-up.

      • High speed cylinders

        High Energy Absorption Cylinder

        This is a high speed (2000 mm/s) and high energy absorbing cylinder. This can be used for mold ejection of resins, etc.

        • With built-in new cushion mechanism, smooth stop at the stroke end is realized.
        • Meets a wide range of conditions and easy to adjust.
        • Floating method provided for cushion packing.
        • Ideal for medium speed range (max. 2000 mm/sec), especially with heavy load.

      • High vacuum components

        Vacuum Pressure Control System

        While maintaining the reliability of the conventional high vacuum valve, it has achieved pressure control that enables various processes.

        • Horizontal multi-articulated robot

          Horizontal Multi-Articulated Robot (Japan Only Release)

          It is a robot in which its arm moves in the horizontal direction. Suitable for automatic assembly work such as parts insertion and screw tightening. It is used in various situations such as assembly work and palletizing of light weight products.

          • Integrated gas supply system

            Integrated Gas Supply System

            A process gas supply system that takes up less space and offers improved maintainability.

            • We do it all based on the processes you need, from design to manufacturing.
            • 1.125 inch, W seal supported.

          • ISO 5-port solenoid valves

            Pilot Operated 5-Port Iso Valve

            ISO valves are pilot operated 5-port valves in compliance with the ISO standards which regulate international valve mounting dimensions.

            • The valve body does not protrude over the base of the manifold, and does not interfere with the rotation of a wrench or similar tool, thus promoting efficient piping work.
            • 10% less compared to CKD conventional products.
            • Manual buttons and conduction indicator lamp are optimally positioned in consideration of the ease of operation, visibility, etc.
            • Rubber cover for manual override button. Prevents intake of foreign matter leading to misoperation.peration, visibility, etc.
            • Dust-proof / jet-proof structure of IP65 or equivalent is also suitable for harsh environments.

          • Liquid level sensors

            Fine Level Switch

            Detects with high accuracy the level of fluids including pure water, acids, alkalis and solvents, outputting electrical signals.

            • Logic valves

              Logic Valve

              Logic valve is the generic term for small movable control components configuring a circuit, including air timers, air lamps, and pressure switches. When conducting sequential control by associating several air cylinders, the circuit is assembled with logic valves.

              • Delay time max. 30 sec.
              • Working pressure: 0.2 to 0.7 MPa.
              • Electric capacity 15A or less: 125, 250, 480 VAC,0.5 A or less: 125 VDC,0.25 A or less: 250 VDC,Connection method: O.D. φ4 nylon tube quick connection, Weight: 102 g.
              • Lamp lights without electricity.
              • Working pressure: 0.05 to 0.8 MPa.
              • Connection method: O.D. φ4 nylon tube quick connection, Weight: 51 g.
              • Working pressure: 0.25 to 0.8 MPa.
              • Connection method: Insert into φ4 push-in fitting, Weight: 3.8 g.

            • Lubricators


              Supplies fine oil mist. A double plastic structure is adopted, so oil dripping can be confirmed from any angle.

              • Oil dripping is easily adjusted manually without a tool.
              • A stopper is provided in the opening direction to function as a lock, and increase safety.
              • The numbers on the dial are used as a guide after adjusting the dripping.
              • A double plastic structure is adopted, so oil dripping can be confirmed from 360°.

            • Manual 2, 3, 4-port valves

              Manual Switching Valve

              4-port valve with a sliding valve method for the main valve. Suitable for operating cylinders with simple operation.

              • Operation with a sliding lever (detent embedded rotary) method, easy to operate.
              • HMV: Miniature (Rc1/4).
              • HSV: Standard (Rc1/4 to 4/3).

            • Manual valves

              Manual Valve For Chemical Liquids

              New standard type of manual valve for chemical liquids. It is an high-end model covers wide range of main pressure, temperature and liquids. Reliability is increased adding the feature of overtightening prevention mechanism, Malfunction prevention lock-ring.

              • Mechanical 2, 3, 4-port valves

                Mechanical Valve

                A detector is used to confirm the cylinder position and the presence of material during control.

                • Equivalent to a vertical limit switch for electric components and operates with mechanical detection.
                • Large 3-port valve for pneumatic control.
                • Equivalent to a micro switch for electric components and operates with mechanical detection or manual operation.
                • Compact 3-port valve for pneumatic control.
                • Equivalent to a compact limit switch for electric components and operates with mechanical detection.
                • Medium 3-port valve for pneumatic pressure.

              • Modular components

                Air Unit

                Various air components which are necessary for pneumatic control and actuator drive, from filter / regulators to valves, can be modularized. Work such as piping is eliminated, enabling the unit to be used immediately.

                • Just order the unit to get everything done: there is no tedious and time consuming installation of components, no need to follow complicated piping designs.
                • Everything comes preinstalled.
                • Vertical and horizontal piping can be changed flexibly. Direct connection of solenoid valve is possible.
                • Easy layout and reduced piping design work. (Custom order AIR UNIT).
                • Modular connection enables flexible exchange and expansion of pneumatic components. The units can be attached / detached from the front of the equipment to facilitate maintenance.
                • The lineup now includes a master valve modules that can be used to discharge residual pressure from equipment. (3000 Series).
                • Power consumption: 0.6 W.
                • Also helps save space.
                • Adaptors that can convert 1000, 3000, 4000 and 8000 Series modules are now available.
                • Enables matching even with flow rate reference.

                New Handling System

                New handling system with small part transfer kit saves design time with flexible modular configuration.

                • Flexible combinations according to the application.
                • It is possible to construct a simplified system, assembled as easily as a plastic model.
                • Drive part of X-axis module uses CKDs rodless cylinder SRL3.
                • Integrated air ports for piping enable easy assembly even in narrow spaces.
                • The compact design reduces installation space by half compared to general cylinders, since a rodless cylinder is used.
                • X-axis, Z-axis, or attachment can be selected according to the application.
                • LM guide with retainer SHS is installed, improving maintainability.
                • Lubrication is not required for the long term, and the factory environment.

              • Motorless

                Electric Actuator Guide Integrated Rod Type

                The guide integrated rod type reduces the necessity for an attached guide.

                • Improved radial resistant performance.
                • Compatible with offset workpieces.

              • Nitrogen

                Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit

                It easily separates high-purity nitrogen from compressed air necessary for antioxidant and explosion-proof applications. A lineup of four new models makes it even easier to select the optimum model from 21 types. A lineup of NSU dedicated in-line sensors is also available, making constant monitoring of the flow rate possible.

                • Three new NSUs and one NS models have been added. Optimal models can be selected from a total of 21 types.
                • A lineup of NSU dedicated flow rate sensors.
                • Nitrogen gas flow rates can be monitored constantly.
                • Easily purifies nitrogen gas without using a cylinder or large equipment.
                • Generates a nitrogen-enriched gas by utilizing a hollow fiber separation membrane that easily transmits oxygen.
                • Reduced piping: Long piping work is unnecessary since it can be installed near equipment.
                • Reduced processes / space: We propose the optimum system according to the required flow rate. Contributes to reduced procedures and space.
                • The cylinder does not need remaining amount management, replacement, or refilling.
                • The only required maintenance cost is electricity for the air compressor.
                • Component replacement is possible without disassembling the piping.

              • Nozzles

                Air Nozzle

                We have nozzles of various shapes including energy saving type nozzles that enhance the pneumatic air source.We propose to introduce the [Air blow nozzle] for energy saving with air blow.

                • The energy saving type nozzle uses a special structure that brings in the surrounding air to enhance the pneumatic air source.
                • Reduces the load on the compressor, and blows air powerfully even with less air consumption.
                • A special structure which ejects air more uniformly at the desired area.
                • Uniform striking force along the width of the injection can be obtained by phasing the upper and lower injection ports and air suction holes.
                • In addition to a work environment-friendly quiet design that suppresses turbulence, energy-saving type nozzles are available in flat and round types according to the application.
                • We comprehensively propose various components that can be used for air blowing, such as air filters, solenoid valves, and flow rate meters.
                • Usable not only in draining, cooling and sorting of workpieces, but also in various situations such as air blow cleaning and sorting in food processing.

              • Options

                Worm Reducer

                Compact, high torque index dedicated worm reducer.

                • Ideal rotation and braking force realized by attaching directly to the index units (Indexman) input shaft.
                • Drive part reduced in size.
                • Select from two types, with clutch/brake and without clutch / brake.

              • Oscillating / rotary cylinders

                Fine Speed Fan Rotary Actuator

                Vane type rotary actuator that realizes small size, light weight, high torque and minimal air leakage.

                • Original seal structure realizes the industry's smallest air leak.
                • With the original seal structure, there is no stick slip and smooth low speed operation is realized.
                • Low speed range 1.5 seconds / 90°.
                • 1.5 times higher torque compared with conventional models in a compact body.
                • The bore sizes are abundant from Φ12 to Φ63, the fluorine packing specifications (RCS2-T2) with improved environmental resistance, the sputter adhesion prevention type (RCS2-G4) optimal for use in welding environments, etc., are all rich in variety for use in wide applications.

              • Parallel cam units

                Parallel Cam Unit Standard Type

                Index unit with parallel cam mechanism.Indexable from 1 to 8 segments and ideal for pitch feed of chain conveyor.

                • Suitable unit for fewer indexes with 1, 2, 3, or 4 index segments and parallel I/O axes.
                • Demonstrates power in long pitch feed drive of conveyors and roll feeders.
                • Oscillating cam operation up to oscillation angle of 45° is possible.
                • There are mounting taps on all six surfaces of the housing, with 6 mounting orientation positions.

              • Parallel hands

                Low-Profile Long Stroke Hand

                Thin body equipped with a linear guide to enable precision handling with a long stroke.

                • Achieves high gripping power with a double piston system while being more compact.
                • A bending resistant lead wire switch that prevents disconnections even when used in moving parts can be selected.
                • In order to remain thin and lightweight, the moment of inertia was reduced, lessening the load on robots.
                • The ideal size to suit the workpiece can be selected.
                • With a long stroke, one hand is able to handle multiple workpiece models.

              • Pick & Place Units

                Swivel Pick & Place Unit

                Swivel P&P unit that supports various transports. Select from three series according to the application, such as inspection of electronic parts and battery assembly.

                • High speed / high precision realized by combined operation of swivel / vertical drive.
                • Ball spline is used in output shaft.
                • Suppresses residual vibration even during high-speed rotation.
                • Select from two types of operations, index operation and oscillating operation.

              • Pilot operated 3, 4, 5-port solenoid valves

                Plug-In Manifold

                Large flow rate type of plug-in type 5-port valve meets the needs of the times by providing excellent performance in space-saving, usability, service life and power consumption.

                • A CC-Link Slave Station has been added to the T7 Series. It employs a compact, thin body and an M12 connector. 16-point input / 16-point output can be selected.
                • Rubber cover for manual override button. Prevents intake of foreign matter leading to misoperation.
                • Orange (solenoid a) indicator and green (solenoid b) indicator lamp when power is ON.
                • For serial transmission, CC-Link, DeviceNet, and Ethernet type EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, ProfiNET, and CC-Link IE Field Basic series are available.
                • Pilot air OFF function added.

              • Pinch valves

                Solenoid Pinch Valve (Fine Pinch Valve)

                Pinch valve that opens and closes the tube with solenoid. Ideal for control of pure water, normal saline, reagent, washing solution, etc. with a structure in which only the tube is wetted.

                • There is no wetting other than the tube, and the impact on reagents and samples is suppressed.
                • NC, NO, 3-port can be flexibly changed by changing the tube position.

              • Pneumatic pressure sensors

                Electronic Pressure Switch With Digital Display

                A compact 1-screen 2-color display pressure switch of □31 mm. Compatible with protection degree IP65. (Piping connection: Female thread was added.)

                • The current pressure state is displayed in two colors of green and red.
                • Pressure normal / abnormal can be judged at a glance.
                • If one master is set for multiple usage, the rest are copied using the copy function to reduce procedures and prevent setting errors.
                • It has an IP65 protective structure and can be installed even in places where water gets splashed.
                • Pressure unit switching function is available as an option to support overseas use.
                • Since the cable uses a connector to connect, it is possible to install a pressure switch after electric wiring.

              • Pressure gauges / displays

                Low-Profile Pressure Gauge

                Thin, compact design ideal for incorporating devices. Ideal for filter regulator, regulator, and pressure switch (P4000-W).

                • Low-profile, ideal for embedding in devices.
                • Ideal for filter regulator, regulator, and pressure switch (P4000-W).
                • Connection: O-ring sealant, set screw.

              • Pressure switches

                Compact Mechanical Pressure Switch

                Pressure setting range covers 0.1 to 0.6 MPa. Compatible with module connection to rotary actuator F.R.L

                • Pressure setting range covers 0.1 to 0.6 MPa.
                • Compatible with module connection to rotary actuator F.R.L.

              • Process gas components

                Valve For Process Gas

                A new variation of valve for process gas that uses a metal diaphragm.

                • It has been released as a general-purpose product with a forged body.
                • Air operated and manual are available.

              • Regulators

                Pilot Regulator

                A regulator designed to stabilize the pressure fluctuation of chemical liquids and pure water supply parts using pilot air control. By combining with an electro pneumatic regulator, it is also possible to remotely adjust the set pressure.


                  Compact, pressure gauge embedded. The pressure can be adjusted without tools

                  • Pressure adjustments can be made with one hand and locking performed with one push. Manual knob operation is easy when setting pressure as well.
                  • When the panel mounting nut is loosened, the nut acts as a jack and enables the knob to be removed easily. Fix the nut to mount in the panel. The L type bracket is also installed similarly to the nut.
                  • Systems can be easily upgraded using unified key boundary dimensions and a diverse range of options and variations.

                • Related products for water

                  Integrated Unit For Water Control

                  Integrated unit that integrates the flow sensor and valve in cooling water circulation circuits. It greatly reduces the tiresome piping work around water and reduces the footprint by 80% to contribute to system space saving.

                  • Integrated manifold with flow rate sensor and valve unitized and without piping for a substantially reduced footprint.
                  • Through unit shipment, design, procurement, piping work, and inspection hours can be greatly reduced.
                  • The risk of external leakage is reduced by significantly reducing screw-in connections.
                  • Air purge compatible unit (WXU-P type) available, compatible with various cooling circuits.
                  • Compatible with various applications through selection of flow rate sensor (Karman vortex, solenoid) and valve (manual, air operated).

                • Rodless cylinders

                  Rodless Cylinder

                  Resistant to high load and durable. High-speed rodless cylinder Series runs from φ12 to φ100 with a variety of choices.

                  • Piston is flat, with a structure allowing it to receive load.
                  • Highly load-resistant, with rotation-stop mechanism also provided.
                  • Seal part is straight, improving sealing performance.
                  • A piston packing for high speed operation has been adopted.
                  • A common port (one-side piping) or standard port (both sides piping) can be selected according to the installation location.
                  • Downsizing of equipment realized.
                  • Compatible with switch installation as standard.

                • Roller gear cam units

                  Roller Gear Cam Unit Standard Type

                  Index unit that has adopted a roller gear cam. Most commonly used at high speed, high rigidity and high accuracy.

                  • arious size variations from 40 mm to 250 mm distance between axes are available.
                  • Ideal for indexing tables, pitch feed conveyors, and pick and place drives.
                  • Synchronization characteristics: Mechanical motion control is possible.
                  • Motion characteristics: It is possible to absorb the shock during stopping, even at high speed, with the cam curve.

                • Sanitary system

                  Flow Rate Control Type Weir Diaphragm Valve (Japan Only Release)

                  This flow rate control valve has sanitary specifications for high cleanability and liquid replacement. It achieve high control required in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, such as infusions that require sterility and biologically high-functional food manufacturing processes.

                  • Reproduce complicated valve operation control with simple settings and operation.
                  • Arbitrary parameters can be preset in memory.(Up to 6 patterns).
                  • Presets can be switched by an external signal.
                  • Supports proportional control of flow rate with analog input signal.
                  • Seal structure that prevents accumulation of liquids to ensure sterilization.
                  • SIP and CIP are also supported.

                • Servo motor drive

                  Electric Actuator

                  Electric actuator compatible with single and multi-axis servo motor drive.Combine the components freely for compatibility with any transport situation.

                    Electric Actuator Slider Type (Japan Only Release)

                    AC servo motor driven slider type electric actuator.Iron based outer rail used for high rigidity.

                    • Supports increased equipment speed.
                    • High durability : 20,000km.

                  • Shock absorbers

                    Shock Absorber For Linear Slide Cylinder

                    Shock absorber that achieves smooth stop with maximization of the installation capacity with high tact times and long service life.

                    • Compatible with low tact / high-accuracy linear slide cylinder.
                    • Improves equipment tact time and contributes to increased productivity.
                    • High tact / smooth stop makes it possible to maximize the capacity of the cylinder.
                    • Slit orifice mechanism enables smooth impact absorption.
                    • Realizes an ideal triangular waveform, gentle impacts with soft absorption characteristics.
                    • Structure directly receives the slider with the body.
                    • Capless and mountable from rod side, allowing shock absorber replacement with the linear slide cylinder still installed.

                  • Shut-off / exhaust valves

                    Residual Pressure Exhaust Valve With Spool Position Detection

                    Industry's smallest class residual pressure exhaust valve with the safety standard ISO13849-1 certification.

                    • By adopting the safety standard compliant limit switch, it is possible to confirm incompatibility consistency between the input signal and valve operation.
                    • 34% reduction from conventional.
                    • Modular connection with F.R.L. components reduces piping space.
                    • A protective cover is adopted on the manual equipment.
                    • Mesh filter is standardly equipped on both P/A ports.

                  • Silencers

                    Silencer / Small Bore Size / Resin Body

                    Device that reduces exhaust noise caused by discharged air. Compact with a noise reduction effect of 20 dB [A] and over.

                    • Noise reduction effect of 20 dB or more.
                    • Compact.

                  • Solenoid valves for dedicated fluids

                    Direct Acting 2, 3-Port Solenoid Valve For Water (Special Purpose Valve)

                    Direct acting solenoid valve for water. Using highly corrosion-resistant material, it is highly durable, lightweight, compact and consumes low power, which contributes to reducing the environmental load of equipment and systems.

                    • Improved reliability and durability through highly corrosion-resistant material.
                    • Low-watt coil used.

                  • Solenoid valves for dry air

                    Direct Acting 2, 3-Port Solenoid Valve For Dry Air (Special Purpose Valve)

                    Highly durable direct acting solenoid valve that can be used from dry air at atmospheric dew point of -60°C to inert gases such as nitrogen gas. Thin design and space saving.

                    • With coil rectification and countermeasures for wear of sliding section, it is highly durable even with dry air and inert gas.
                    • Thin design and space saving, also supports manifold.

                  • Solenoid valves for steam

                    Pilot Kick 2-Port Solenoid Valve For Steam

                    Steam only solenoid valve that operates from differential pressure 0 with improved durability (1 million cycles). Special seal structure with PTFE square ring reduces the risk of external steam leakage.

                    • Special seal structure with PTFE square ring improves external sealing force and reduces external leakage risk in high temperature steam.
                    • Original piston structure resistant to foreign matter.
                    • The coil actuator is optimized for steam, realizing endurance of 1 million cycles.

                  • Solenoid valves for vacuum

                    Direct Acting 2-Port Solenoid Valve For Medium Vacuum (Special Purpose Valve)

                    Compact direct acting solenoid valve compatible with medium vacuum. Lightweight, compact and has high sealing force, making it ideal for installing in various vacuum systems and equipment.

                    • Vacuum leakage rate 1.33 x 10^-6 Pa・㎥/s or less, available in medium vacuum.
                    • Lightweight and compact thanks to the thin coil.
                    • Optimum selection is possible from 4 coil sizes and multiple orifice sizes.

                  • Solenoid valves for various fluids

                    Direct Acting 2, 3-Port Solenoid Valve

                    Compact direct acting solenoid valve that is compatible with a wide variety of fluids and ideal for equipment installation. Resin body and fitting integrated are also available for various applications.

                    • Ideal for equipment installation with compact design; barbed fitting integrated is also available with resin body.
                    • The body material (copper alloy, stainless steel, PPS resin) and sealing material (nitrile rubber / fluoro rubber) can be selected accordingly to support various fluids including low vacuum.

                  • Space saving cylinders

                    Compact Cylinder

                    Space saving series with a wide range of stroke lengths and switch mounting surface options compared with conventional models.

                    • A cylinder switch can be mounted on the same surface as the piping port, which improves visibility and maintenance efficiency.
                    • Rod ends can be selected from two options: female thread (standard) and male thread (option).
                    • The T type switch used in many CKD products can be mounted on cylinders of all bore sizes.
                    • The use of a unified switch helps to reduce stock quantity.

                  • Special cylinders

                    Air Bearing Actuator

                    Air static pressure soft actuator based on non-contact air bearing mechanism with zero sliding resistance. The actuator enables sensitive and precise load control when combined with electro pneumatic regulator (EV).

                    • Completely contactless with zero sliding resistance, so thrust control linearly proportional to supply pressure with high response is possible.
                    • There is no dust generation as it is completely contactless.

                  • Special purpose

                    Electric Shuttle Mover

                    Transport system that enables single-axis 2D transport with one motor.

                    • Long stroke of up to 20 m. Multipoint positioning / Soft start & stop possible.
                    • This is a motorless specification.

                  • Speed control valves, metering valves

                    Speed Controller With Adjusting Dial

                    Received the 2016 Good Design Award and iF design award 2018. Flow rate can be controlled and cylinder speed can be quantified. Rotary needle with linear flow characteristics is adopted. Moreover, push lock method is adopted to fix the needle and it is possible to visually recognize the dial indication from front and back so that anyone can easily make adjustments.

                    • Added release of the inline type to the DSC Series. Flow rates include standard, low, and fine inline types.
                    • Compact type compatible with M5 is newly added to the conventional standard type (R1/8 to R1/2).
                    • It can be mounted on the cylinder without interfering with the grounding surface of the cylinder.
                    • Dial display in increments of 0.5 allows finer quantification.
                    • "Click" feedback can be felt on the fingertips when turning the knob, making scale alignment easy even where visual inspection is not possible.
                    • Thanks to the optimal design of the needle, linear flow characteristics proportional to the dial indicator value are achieved. Fluctuation of the flow rate is less, and the speed of the cylinder can be easily set or changed.
                    • Push locking method is used to fix the needle.
                    • Locking is secured without needle movement.
                    • Adjustment is easy with simple operation.

                  • Standard cylinders

                    Pencil Shaped Cylinder

                    The lightest miniature series with the smallest bore size (φ6 to φ16) among general purpose cylinders. Space saving with compact standard switch ”T Series”. Compatible with the discontinued conventional product SCP*2 Series.

                    • Miniature bore size φ6, φ10, φ16.
                    • Total length is also short in pursuit of compactness.
                    • Height is reduced by half with compact cylinder switch ”T Series”.

                  • Stepper motor drive

                    Electric Actuator Gripper 2-Finger Type

                    An electric gripper with a long stroke and thin body.With gripping positions that can be set arbitrarily, a wide variety of sizes and types of workpieces can be gripped without changing tools. In addition, it is ideal as a robot hand because it is thin. The built-in controller realizes cable savings and is effective for preventing disconnections.

                    • Max. stroke : 140 mm (one side).
                    • Max. gripping force : 300 N (one side).
                    • Weight : 1.2 to 1.7 kg.

                  • Suction pads

                    Suction Pad

                    Various shapes and variations of materials are available. A wide range of variations that can support various workpieces and transport environments.

                    • Flat type suitable for transporting thin workpieces such as sheets and vinyl.
                    • Consideration of workpiece deformation and wrinkle reduction during adsorption.
                    • Suction mark prevention ideal for liquid crystal glass, painting process, or semiconductor equipment transport.
                    • Suction of workpiece with flexible resin material that is resistant to suction marks.
                    • Material: PEEK, POM, conductive PEEK.

                  • Universal Robot Certified grippers

                    Universal Robots Certified Gripper 3-Way Finger Type

                    UR certified pneumatic grippers are customized for Universal Robots' collaborative robots. Easy installation with a dedicated common flange, and tool-less replacement with clamp ring has been realized.

                    • Attach the dedicated flange to the robot.
                    • Turn the clamp ring to attach the gripper.
                    • Connect the wiring connector.
                    • Mounting complete!.
                    • With the adoption of a common robot flange to the whole series, change in setup requires only replacing the gripper.
                    • The gripper can be replaced without tools and the simple clamp ring design can be set by hand.
                    • With the dedicated "CKD Pneumatic Gripper" software certified by Universal Robots, the teaching time can be greatly reduced with simple setting procedures and intuitive operation.
                    • High safety is achieved with an edgeless resin cover and a 360° visible indicator lamp.
                    • An optional directional control valve can be set. In addition, various air components required for driving the gripper are available at CKD.

                  • Vacuum pump system

                    Vacuum Switching Unit (20 Mm Width)

                    Burst air flow rate & vacuum switching unit with relief pressure adjustment needle.

                    • Pressure control is added to the conventional flow rate control for vacuum burst air to prevent workpieces from being blown away.
                    • Shortening of vacuum time is realized by providing a relief function in the vacuum burst circuit (function to relieve extra pressure).
                    • Three types of vacuum supply valve type, self-hold, normally open, and normally closed, are available.
                    • When vacuum is retained for long periods in particular, energy saving is realized by using a self-hold type which makes continuous energizing unnecessary.
                    • Since manifold is also available, reduced piping is possible.
                    • There are two types of pipe leadout directions, front side and rear side, which can be selected according to the installation location.

                  • Vacuum-related products

                    Active Fine Buffer

                    The buffer and motor are integrated for an All-in-One rotational alignment and buffering unit.

                    • Adopted magnetic spring buffering mechanism. Pressing force is constant regardless of stroke. There is no metal contact, realizing low dust generation and long service life.
                    • Built-in ball shaft realizes runout accuracy of less than 0.01 mm.
                    • Vacuum piping from the front of the body makes handling easy.
                    • Width and pitch are both 20 mm. It is compact, and manifold configuration is possible.
                    • Adoption of anti-rotation mechanism for bearings and guide grooves. .
                    • High-precision shaft runout suppression, and high-precision home return accuracy are achieved.