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Air dryers

  • Refrigeration Air Dryer (Xeroaqua Dryer)

    Air dryer with outstanding environmental properties, reliability and safety. Adopts the new refrigerant R-134a / R-407C / easy maintenance is possible.

    • The compact design reduces power consumption.
    • A low air loss drain discharger has been adopted.
    • Oil-free stainless steel heat exchanger is used for all models.
    • Prevents dust generation from heat exchange.
    • The refrigerant pipes (copper pipes) within the heat exchanger are nickel plated for improved corrosion resistance.
    • The safe design allows the operation state to be confirmed at a glance.
    • Easily service the unit even while it is running.
    • Top surface exhaust and drain trap installation can be selected for left or right, and can be installed flush against walls.