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Ball valves

  • Air Operated 2, 3-Port Ball Valve (Compact Rotary Valve)

    Air operated ball valve. Resistant to foreign matter with strong air operated opening and closing, it can control large flow rates with low pressure loss. With solenoid valve also available.

    • Large flow rate control is possible with low pressure loss ball valve.
    • Stable operation resistant to foreign matter is realized by strong air operated opening and closing.
    • Bi-directional pressurization is possible with 2-port valve.
    • Supports a wide range of port sizes from 3/8 to 2.
    • Stainless body, Full bore added to line up ,Port size Rc1/2 to Rc1 1/2.
    • Available for various applications with a lineup including models with spring return and with solenoid valve.
    • FP2 series : Compliant with Food Sanitation Law.
    • Compatible with P4 series and rechargeable battery manufacturing processes. Restricts the material used in the flow path and sliding parts.