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Clamp cylinders

  • Rotary Clamp Cylinder (Single Guide Type)

    This is a single guide type rotary clamp cylinder that can save space by combining rotational and linear motions. 

    • The clamp lever is rotated 90° during unclamping, so that a compact device design is possible without interfering with the work set or ejection of the work.
    • A single guide structure with one guide groove is adopted in the piston rod.
    • The overall length was drastically shortened compared with the conventional double guide (RCC2) structure.
    • Along with the packing kit, the structure can replace the most heavily loaded guide pins. Customers can easily perform repairs or preventive maintenance via regular maintenance.
    • The bore sizes are abundant from Φ12 to Φ63, the fluorine packing specifications (RCS2-T2) with improved environmental resistance, the sputter adhesion prevention type (RCS2-G4) optimal for use in welding environments, etc., are all rich in variety for use in wide applications.
    • Since the rod tip is a standard machined square tang, orienting the clamp lever is easy. In addition, the clamp lever is optional and can be purchased to help reduce the customer's man-hours.
    • Standard with rod-side spigots and optional with head-side spigots. To provide a friendly design for improving productivity by shortening the centering time during cylinder replacement.