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Components for coolant

  • Air Operated 2-Port Valve (Coolant Valve)

    Air operated valve that is resistant to foreign matter and specialized for coolant control in machine tools. A wide range of port sizes and pressure specifications (up to 7.0 MPa) are available, and optimization of coolant control is realized with various variations such as with solenoid valve and manifold.

    • Lineup of module connection manifolds saves space and work-hours for coolant piping.(OUT PORT 15A~40A).
    • Adopting a cast iron body and metal seal structure (excluding 10A) reduces the wear and damage of sealing portion and the structure resistant to foreign matter.
    • Supports a wide range of pressure from low pressure specification (0.5 MPa) to high pressure specification (7.0 MPa).
    • Supports various port sizes from Rc3/8 to 80 flange.