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Compressed air

  • Portable Air Supply Unit (Japan Only Release)

    This compact compressor can easily supply clean air to places where compressed air cannot be obtained using only a 100VAC power supply. All necessary equipment is included in the carrying case - portability at its best. It excels in design and plays an active role in every scene, including offices, research laboratories, exhibitions and various events.

    • Shaped like a compact suitcase, it is easy for all to handle.
    • All that is needed is a 100VAC power supply, making it ideal for any location from office to an event venue.
    • This portable air supply unit is the 90 W type. If a higher flow rate is required, a 300 W made-to-order model is also available.
    • This product received the "Encouragement Award" in the "Ultra" Monodzukuri Parts Award sponsored by the Japan Manufacturing Association and the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper.