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Electro pneumatic regulators

  • Digital Electro Pneumatic Regulator

    Compact, high-function electro pneumatic regulator featuring easily used functions such as pressure and error display function and direct memory function.

    • IO-Link communication enables remote operation from the host, in addition to data collection.
    • Operation status can be monitored.
    • Digital display mounted to make control status visible at a glance.
    • Module connection to filter / regulator is possible.
    • Linearity: ±0.3%F.S.,Hysteresis: 0.5% F.S.,Response time: 0.2 sec.
    • Up to 8 channels of pressure can be stored in the body and switched by external signals.
    • External input signal is not required.
    • Product operation keys can be used to arbitrarily adjust the secondary pressure value.