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Fittings / tubes

  • Fitting

    Push-in fitting for pneumatic piping. Compact size for space saving. Work environment and device-friendly flame-resistant white body.

    • V-shaped packing seal to realize smooth insertion and accurate sealing.
    • Smooth insertion and secure sealing.
    • Freely rotating elbow union to make piping and removal work easier.
    • White body blends into working environment. Electroless nickeling used for copper alloy sections.
    • The tube can be connected to the pipe fitting by pushing the tube in.
    • The chuck bracket acts in the direction in which the tube is dislocated.
    • The push ring evenly pushes and opens the chuck, so the tube is completely released from the chuck and can be removed smoothly.
    • Teflon resin is coated on the thread part.
    • Sealing tape wrapping is not needed, reducing work hours.
    • An even seal is created and there is no need to worry about leakage, etc.