• Power Arm

    The PAW Series is a global model that has a high safety design and conforms to European safety standard CE marking (shaft body). The allowable moment has been improved by 40% (at Ø100) compared with conventional and has a highly rigid specification.

    • Useful when transporting heavy objects! Smoothly transportable with reduced weight.
    • The center of gravity is close to the operator, for high operability.
    • Realized a wide movable range according to usage. Heavy workpieces can be conveyed higher and further. One to three axes can be combined according to the application and location.
    • In addition, three types of arms can be selected with respect to the work load.
    • In addition to the position locking mechanism by the block valve (standard equipment) to prevent workpieces from falling, the rotation lock can be attached (option) so that position can be maintained when power (air, electricity) is down.
    • Proposals can be made for holding workpieces securely with attachments and changing the installation method by using a movable carriage that allows the installation location to be modified.
    • Equipped with a vertical axis, making palletizing / depalletizing processes easy, conventional PAW space saving, compactness and light touch are maintained.