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Gas combustion systems

  • Medium Pressure Gas Combination Valve

    The medium pressure (0.3MPa) governor is integrated with the secondary side shut-off valve to significantly reduce pressure loss. Compared with the conventional product (TAC-25), the flow rate at the same differential pressure is increased by 300%! Stable pressure control is realized even at high flow rates.

    • Flow rate: about 3 fold. Face to face: 20% reduction. Ratio compared to our conventional product (TAC-25).
    • Port size: 40A (flange).
    • Select secondary orifice Ø15, Ø25, Ø40.
    • Contributes to the stabilization of secondary flow rate.
    • Hydraulic drive, slow open / quick shut.
    • Stable pressure adjustment is possible even at high flow rates.
    • Possible to check valve opening.