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Hanging type

  • Balancer Unit

    The balancer unit allows heavy loads of around 300 kg to be controlled with minimal force. Even if the weight of each workpiece being transported differs, this is automatically recognized and the optimal balance is maintained.

    • Allows heavy loads up to 285 kg to be controlled with minimal force.
    • Ensures operator safety in workplaces handling heavy loads.
    • Heavy objects are transported with an almost manual smoothness,.
    • compared to the conventionally stiff inching movement.
    • Can be adjusted to the optimal condition by switching with one button without complicated adjustment.
    • Just adjust once to suit the jig or workpiece.
    • Standby is available just by switching during use.
    • Just in case the pneumatic power should go out, a brake is equipped to prevent workpieces from falling or bouncing up after recovery.
    • Compatible with all-air method not requiring electricity.
    • Also usable in atmospheres requiring explosion-proofing.