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Speed control valves, metering valves

  • Speed Controller With Adjusting Dial

    Received the 2016 Good Design Award and iF design award 2018. Flow rate can be controlled and cylinder speed can be quantified. Rotary needle with linear flow characteristics is adopted. Moreover, push lock method is adopted to fix the needle and it is possible to visually recognize the dial indication from front and back so that anyone can easily make adjustments.

    • Added release of the inline type to the DSC Series. Flow rates include standard, low, and fine inline types.
    • Compact type compatible with M5 is newly added to the conventional standard type (R1/8 to R1/2).
    • It can be mounted on the cylinder without interfering with the grounding surface of the cylinder.
    • Dial display in increments of 0.5 allows finer quantification.
    • "Click" feedback can be felt on the fingertips when turning the knob, making scale alignment easy even where visual inspection is not possible.
    • Thanks to the optimal design of the needle, linear flow characteristics proportional to the dial indicator value are achieved. Fluctuation of the flow rate is less, and the speed of the cylinder can be easily set or changed.
    • Push locking method is used to fix the needle.
    • Locking is secured without needle movement.
    • Adjustment is easy with simple operation.