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Circuit Breaker Analyzer

  • Megger EGIL Breaker Analyzer

    • Suitable for testing timing and travel on all circuit breakers with single interrupter per phase.
    • Extremely easy-to-use and reliable.
    • Two separate timing channels for measurement of auxiliary contacts.
    • Analog measurement channels for travel transducers or general voltage/current measurements.
    • Static and dynamic resistance measurements along with the SDRM201 accessory.

  • Megger TM1700 Circuit Breaker Analyzer

    • Provides reliable and accurate test results in noisy high voltage substations.
    • Four standard models. Full stand-alone functionality or data acquisition models without user interface.
    •  Fast and safer with DualGround™ testing, both sides of breaker grounded.
    • On-screen assistance with connection diagrams and test template Wizard.
    • All models can be controlled via computer.

  • Megger TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyzer 

    • Modular based design — user configurable TM1800 from nine different modules.
    • Built in PC with CABA Local software — advanced testing with predefined breaker test plans (templates), onsite measurement view and analysis.
    • Dual ground testing using DCM module — increased safety with both sides of breaker grounded.
    •  Fast and easy testing — Select-Connect-Inspect workflow and high level user interface.
    • Graphical results for quick interpretation — timing and motion measurements, coil currents.
    • USB and Ethernet communication interface — for quick back up, LAN connection and printer options.
    • CABA Win — for advanced data analysis, database interface and common test data archive.