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Data Acquisition PC Software

  • FlexPro   

    • Multi-lingual, advanced software for analysis and presentation of Memory HiCorder data.
    • Third party software.
    • For detailed analysis of Memory HiCorder data.

  • iPad App for Memory HiCorder   HMR Terminal

    • Multi-channel support of waveform data.
    • Operate the Memory HiCorder via your network.
    • View Memory HiCorder data.
    • (Exclusively for Apple Inc. iPad) Free download from the App Store.


    • Networking software to remotely control Memory Recorders via a LAN connection.
    • For LAN communication with the Memory HiCorder.
    • Data collection and remote control.

  • MEMORY HiVIEWER   9725

    • Windows software with advanced data management and processing capabilities.
    • For Memory HiCorder 8860/8861 series.
    • Achieve functions identical to those of the 8860 Series on a PC.


    • Display waveform screens, X-Y graphs, and numerical results.
    • Comprehensive search function.
    • For the Memory HiCorder.
    • Convert data, print and display waveforms.