LCR Meter / Impedence Analyzer

  • Capacitance Meters, up to 1 MHz

    C HiTESTER   3504

    • Capacitance testing with voltage dependency characteristics through the use of constant voltage testing (CV).
    • Detect contact failure on all 4 terminals for increased reliability.
    • High speed inspection of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) on taping machines.
    • C, D (tan δ), large capacitance MLCC testing.
    • 120Hz or 1kHz.
    • 2 ms test speed, ±0.09% accuracy.

    C METER   3506-10

    • High speed testing of ceramic capacitors on production lines.
    • Integrate with automatic taping machines and sorters for production of MLCC (multi-layer ceramic capacitors).
    • C, D, (tan δ), Q, low capacitance testing.
    • 1 kHz or 1 MHz.
    • 1.5 ms test speed (1MHz), ±0.14% accuracy.

  • Impedance Analyzers, up to 3 GHz


    • Superior low-impedance repeatability.
    • Meet applications in low-ESR measurement.
    • |Z|, L, C, R testing.
    • 4 Hz to 5 MHz.
    • 0.5 ms test speed, ±0.08% accuracy.
    • Single device solution for high speed testing and frequency sweeping.


    • Conduct simple circuit analysis & detailed acceptance/rejection decision-making for impedance analysis of advanced electrochemical components.
    • Optional software upgrade for Model IM3570.
    • 5 equivalent circuit models.
    • Compute ideal frequency characteristics and compare to measured values.
    • Cole-Cole plot, admittance circle display.


    • For R&D of electrochemical components & materials, batteries, & EDLCs.
    • Measure ion behavior & solution resistance.
    • LCR impedance testing for Cole-Cole plots & equivalent-circuit analyses.
    • |Z|, L, C, R, σ, ε testing.
    • Battery testing function.
    • 1 mHz to 200 kHz.
    • 2 ms test speed, ±0.05% accuracy.


    •  For high volume production of ferrite chip beads and chip inductors.
    • Comprehensive contact check via DCR testing, Hi-Z reject or waveform judgment.
    • |Z|, L, C, R testing.
    • 1MHz to 600MHz.
    • 0.5ms test speed, ±0.65% accuracy.
    • Measure LCR and conduct frequency sweeps simultaneously.


    • For R&D and high volume production of ferrite chip beads and chip inductors.
    • Comparator and Contact Check.
    • |Z|, L, C, R testing.
    • 1MHz to 1.3GHz.
    • 0.5ms test speed, ±0.65% accuracy, 0.07% variability.
    • Measure LCR and conduct frequency sweeps simultaneously.

  • LCR Meters, up to 8 MHz

    LCR HiTESTER   3511-50

    •  Integrate into automated production lines.
    • On-board testing of capacitors and coils.
    • |Z|, L, C, R testing.
    • 120 Hz or 1 kHz.
    • 5 ms test speed, ±0.08% accuracy.
    • High-speed comparator.

    LCR METER   IM3533

    • Built-in low impedance high precision mode for testing low inductance or ESR of aluminum electrolysis capacitance.
    • Turn ratio, mutual inductance and inductance difference measurements of transformers and coils.
    • |Z|, L, C, R testing.
    • 1 mHz to 200 kHz.
    • 2 ms test speed, ±0.05% accuracy.
    • Transformer measurement mode.

    LCR METER   IM3523

    • Economical LCR Meter designed for production lines.
    • Continuous testing over mixed measurement conditions, including C-D(120 Hz) and ESR(100 kHz).
    • Comparator and BIN functions.
    • |Z|, L, C, R testing.
    • 40 Hz to 200 kHz.
    • 2 ms test speed, ±0.05% accuracy.
    • Comparator and BIN functions.

    LCR METER   IM3536

    • Industry-standard LCR meter meeting the widest range of applications.
    • |Z|, L, C, R testing.
    • DC, or 4 Hz to 8 MHz (up to 10MHz special order available).
    • 0.5 ms test speed, ±0.05% accuracy.
    • Accuracy guaranteed range from 1 mΩ.

  • Test fixture or Probes


    • 2-wire probe for LCR testing of small chip components.
    • DC to 8MHz, 50Ω termination.
    • Tip electrode spacing: 0.3 to 6 mm.
    • Measurable sample size: 0603 (EIA).


    • High-precision 4-wire testing of advanced electronic components.
    • Direct-connection testing.
    • Test SMDs with electrodes on the bottom.
    • DC to 8MHz.
    • Measurable sample sizes: 01005 to 0402 (EIA).


    • High-precision two-wire fixture.
    • High reproducibility with advanced contact technology.
    • For direct connection two-wire testing.
    • DC to 1 MHz.
    • Measurable sample size: 008004 (EIA).


    • Test fixture for IM7580 series Impedance Analyzers.
    • High frequency analysis.
    • For direct connection two-wire testing.
    • DC to 3 GHz.
    • 6 measurable sample sizes: 0201 to 1210 (EIA).


    • Flexible Staging Mechanism Supports a Diverse Range of Component Shapes and Sizes.
    • Test fixture for IMPEDANCE ANALYZER IM7580 series.
    • High frequency testing up to 600 MHz.
    • Properly identify SRF and ESR to validate component performance.