Ideal Industries LanTEK II-500 33-992 CAT6A ISO Class EA Cable Network Certifier

  • Frequency range of 500 MHz.
  • LAN cable certification to ISO Class EA / Category 6A standard.
  • Fast test speeds – 11-second Class D/Cat 5e and 14-second Class E/Cat 6 autotest times that include full graphical data storage.
  • Patented test method - certify with off-the-shelf patch cords eliminating the need for expensive permanent link adapters.
  • Unique FiberTEK® FDX modules – fastest and easiest fibre certification.
  • DualMODE function - certify to two different standards with one press of the Autotest button.
  • Maximum reporting power with the new IDEAL DataCENTER (IDC) software.
  • Enormous memory capacity - save an astonishing 1,700 ISO Category 6 / Class E results with graphs.

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