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Explosion-proof 3,5-port solenoid valves

  • Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof Pilot 3,5-Port Valve (Certified Country : China)

    This is an intrinsically safe explosion-proof solenoid valve that can be used in Class 1 Dangerous Area (Type 1 location) and Class 2 Dangerous Area (Type 2 location). 

    • Explosion-proof performance: Ex ib ⅡC T4 Gb, Certification No.: GYJ19.1311(NEPSI), IECEx IBE 19.0008(IECEx).
    • Can be used in hydrogen, acetylene and city gas atmospheres.
    • Realizes a minimum class explosion-proof valve with width of 10mm. In addition to the single unit, it is suitable for use in narrow explosion-proof areas as a manifold.
    • 4 sizes with valve widths of 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm. Compatible with a wide range of flow rates.
    • Achieves more than 50 million cycles for durability by optimizing the sealing function and special surface treatment of the sliding packing. Prevents frequent stops and contributes to stable operation of equipment.
    • IP67 is realized by adopting the M8 connector. Straight or L-shaped cables can be selected.