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Thermal Imager

  • Thermal imager (320 x 240 pixels, focus manual/auto, laser, 1 SuperTele lens)

    The testo 885 thermal imager with super-telephoto lens is your ideal partner for thermographic readings of extremely distant measurement objects: e.g. when inspecting high-voltage lines, searching for hotspots in solar parks or detecting anomalies in large industrial plants (refineries, for example).

    • testo 885 professional thermal imager: resolution 320 x 240 pixels, upgradable to 640 x 480 pixels with SuperResolution, thermal sensitivity < 30 mK.
    • Super-telephoto lens with a 5° x 3.7° field of view for the accurate recording of extremely distant objects.
    • Measurement functions for professional inspections: 10 measuring points, 5 min/max on area, isotherm, limit values with acoustic alarm.
    • Licence-free testo IRSoft professional software.