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General purpose

  • Absodex (Japan Only Release)

    An actuator that uses an absolute type position detector.A highly rigid bearing is used to withstand axial loads and moment loads.Ideal for flexible rotational positioning for assembly and transport.

    • NX4 : It is available in 5 models with maximum torque of 22 to 300 N·m.
    • Series with large hollow holes.
    • In addition to a strong iron-based frame,.
    • Uses high-rigidity bearings.
    • Strong structure against axial load and moment load.
    • Supports 5 types of interface: Parallel I/O (NPN),SSCNETⅢ/H, CC-Link,.
    • "NX-Tools", which can be operated visually, supports device startup.
    • Optimal tuning is possible while viewing real-time waveforms.