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Modular components

  • Air Unit

    Various air components which are necessary for pneumatic control and actuator drive, from filter / regulators to valves, can be modularized. Work such as piping is eliminated, enabling the unit to be used immediately.

    • Just order the unit to get everything done: there is no tedious and time consuming installation of components, no need to follow complicated piping designs.
    • Everything comes preinstalled.
    • Vertical and horizontal piping can be changed flexibly. Direct connection of solenoid valve is possible.
    • Easy layout and reduced piping design work. (Custom order AIR UNIT).
    • Modular connection enables flexible exchange and expansion of pneumatic components. The units can be attached / detached from the front of the equipment to facilitate maintenance.
    • The lineup now includes a master valve modules that can be used to discharge residual pressure from equipment. (3000 Series).
    • Power consumption: 0.6 W.
    • Also helps save space.
    • Adaptors that can convert 1000, 3000, 4000 and 8000 Series modules are now available.
    • Enables matching even with flow rate reference.

  • New Handling System

    New handling system with small part transfer kit saves design time with flexible modular configuration.

    • Flexible combinations according to the application.
    • It is possible to construct a simplified system, assembled as easily as a plastic model.
    • Drive part of X-axis module uses CKDs rodless cylinder SRL3.
    • Integrated air ports for piping enable easy assembly even in narrow spaces.
    • The compact design reduces installation space by half compared to general cylinders, since a rodless cylinder is used.
    • X-axis, Z-axis, or attachment can be selected according to the application.
    • LM guide with retainer SHS is installed, improving maintainability.
    • Lubrication is not required for the long term, and the factory environment.