• Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit

    It easily separates high-purity nitrogen from compressed air necessary for antioxidant and explosion-proof applications. A lineup of four new models makes it even easier to select the optimum model from 21 types. A lineup of NSU dedicated in-line sensors is also available, making constant monitoring of the flow rate possible.

    • Three new NSUs and one NS models have been added. Optimal models can be selected from a total of 21 types.
    • A lineup of NSU dedicated flow rate sensors.
    • Nitrogen gas flow rates can be monitored constantly.
    • Easily purifies nitrogen gas without using a cylinder or large equipment.
    • Generates a nitrogen-enriched gas by utilizing a hollow fiber separation membrane that easily transmits oxygen.
    • Reduced piping: Long piping work is unnecessary since it can be installed near equipment.
    • Reduced processes / space: We propose the optimum system according to the required flow rate. Contributes to reduced procedures and space.
    • The cylinder does not need remaining amount management, replacement, or refilling.
    • The only required maintenance cost is electricity for the air compressor.
    • Component replacement is possible without disassembling the piping.