• Air Nozzle

    We have nozzles of various shapes including energy saving type nozzles that enhance the pneumatic air source.We propose to introduce the [Air blow nozzle] for energy saving with air blow.

    • The energy saving type nozzle uses a special structure that brings in the surrounding air to enhance the pneumatic air source.
    • Reduces the load on the compressor, and blows air powerfully even with less air consumption.
    • A special structure which ejects air more uniformly at the desired area.
    • Uniform striking force along the width of the injection can be obtained by phasing the upper and lower injection ports and air suction holes.
    • In addition to a work environment-friendly quiet design that suppresses turbulence, energy-saving type nozzles are available in flat and round types according to the application.
    • We comprehensively propose various components that can be used for air blowing, such as air filters, solenoid valves, and flow rate meters.
    • Usable not only in draining, cooling and sorting of workpieces, but also in various situations such as air blow cleaning and sorting in food processing.