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Tachometers | Pulse count

  • TACHO HiTESTER   FT3405, FT3406

    • Wide-range industrial-grade digital tachometers for non-contact and contact rotation and cycle measurements.
    • 500mm non-contact detection distance.
    • 0.5 r/sec to 99990 r/min.
    • Dust-proof and drop proof.
    • Analog output and pulse output functions (FT3406).


    • Perform pulse integration of vehicle speed or flow rate for equipment such as air conditioners.
    • Applications in HVAC, automotive, co-generation, water, gas and petroleum industries.
    • 2ch logger, minimum 0.1 sec interval.
    • Record pulse, rotation, and I/O signals.
    • Transfer data wirelessly to mobile device or PC.